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PPIE Funding call

CPNN+ is delighted to announce a Call for Funding to support projects that develop the role of Public and Patient Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) in shaping and advancing the application of neurotechnology in chronic pain research and management. We recognize the transformative potential of neurotechnology in understanding and managing chronic pain, and we aim to foster collaborative efforts that involve patients and the public in driving innovation, improving treatment outcomes, and enhancing the quality of life for individuals living with chronic pain.

Funding Focus Areas:

We invite proposals that focus on the intersection of neurotechnology and chronic pain research, specifically in relation to PPI. Projects may address, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • Technology Development: Projects that involve PPI in the development and refinement of neurotechnological tools, devices, or interventions for chronic pain management. This may include wearable devices, virtual reality, neurostimulation techniques, or neuroimaging approaches, among others.
  • Treatment Optimization: Projects that explore how PPI can contribute to the optimization of neurotechnology-based interventions for chronic pain. This may involve the inclusion of patient perspectives in treatment protocols, usability assessments, or patient-led modifications to enhance the effectiveness and acceptance of neurotechnological approaches.
  • User Experience and Acceptance: Projects that investigate the user experience and acceptance of neurotechnology among individuals with chronic pain. This may include studies on usability, accessibility, and factors influencing patient engagement and adherence to neurotechnology-based interventions.
  • Ethical and Societal Implications: Projects that address the ethical, legal, and societal implications of using neurotechnology in chronic pain management. This may encompass considerations such as privacy, informed consent, equity of access, and the impact of neurotechnology on the individual and society.
  • Policy Engagement: Projects aimed at influencing the development, implementation, and regulation of policies related to the use of neurotechnological devices, interventions, and applications. This may cover engaging with policymakers, regulatory bodies, advocacy groups, and other stakeholders to inform and shape policies that govern the use and accessibility of neurotechnology in various domains, including healthcare, research, and industry.

Funding Details:

Maximum funding available per project: £5,000

Project duration: Up to 1 year

Eligibility: You must be eligible to receive funding from UKRI/EPSRC.

Collaborative partnerships between researchers, patients, healthcare providers, and community organizations are strongly encouraged. We encourage applications from early career researchers, and people who work in allied clinical roles.

Application Guidelines: Interested applicants are invited to submit a 2-page proposal, application form, and CV following completion of the application form which can be obtained from or submitted below via our website. Please email over your CV and proposal. The proposal should clearly outline the project objectives, methodology, expected outcomes, and plans for PPI integration throughout the research process. Additionally, applicants should provide a budget breakdown, timeline, and a plan for application, dissemination or sustainability beyond the funding period.

Review and Selection Process: All proposals will undergo a rigorous review process conducted by a panel of experts in chronic pain research, neurotechnology, and PPI. The evaluation criteria will include the project’s scientific merit, relevance to the funding focus areas, potential impact, feasibility, and the extent and quality of patient and public involvement.

Key Dates:

  • Call for Funding announcement: [26th June 2023]
  • Proposal submission deadline: [26th Sept 2023]
  • Funding decision notification: [10th Dec 2023]

Contact Information: For any inquiries & to obtain a copy of our template application form, please contact: Alternatively, please see below.

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